Our Team

"Genesis professionals bring fun and passion to their work. Hailing from a wide array of backgrounds and expertise including private equity, community development, management consultant and urban planning, we bring thoughtfulness and perspective to every endeavor. Our hobbies include car racing, hiking, experimental cooking, sports business, music production and liturgical dancing”

- Karim Hutson, Founder

KH Headshot
Karim A. Hutson
President & Chief Executive Officer
NL Headshot
Nicole Lockett
Managing Director, Development
AA Headshot
Anthony Anderson
Chief Operating Officer
AR Headshot
Amelia Rideau
Chief Legal Officer
BM Headshot
Basil Marshall
Director, Physical Plant
SB Headshot
Seth Bynum
Senior Project Executive
SE Headshot
Soweto Edwards
Project Manager
MB Headshot
Malik Brown
Associate Project Manager
JW Headshot
Jasmine Wong
Administrative Officer
MJP Headshot
Mariaelena J. Paris
Development Associate